Who is the leader?


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4“You could walk all day through kampongs like this, hidden between the streets of Dja­karta,” said Kumar. “There are several square miles of such slums. They have their .own elementary schools” (he showed me a bam­boo house, earth-floored, divided by mats into three rooms) … “and little shops” … (some only eight feet wide, with a single counter).

Next to the accommodation prague we met the kampong lurah, a slim young clerk who earned 2,000 rupiahs (about $6.50) and 100 pounds of rice per month in one of the government bureaus. He had only one wife; he could not have supported a second. “But these are not the poorest people,” said Kumar. “Here they live in houses and eat enough. The very poor are not so lucky.”

He showed them to me, the very poor, liv­ing beside small ditches under plastic sheets laid over frames of sticks, or under roadside trees. A woman combed another’s hair. “She is looking for little animals,” he said.

The houseless men wandered the streets, looking for work or collecting things. Any things at all: splinters of glass or crockery, bits of plastic, of wood, of metal. No tin cans littered Djakarta’s back alleys; cans have value. Men use magnets to fish for iron scrap in the canals. Small boys collect old wet cigarette butts.

“What happens to these houseless people when it rains?” I asked.

“They stand on porches of people who have houses. Sometimes this is permitted. In such cases,. they will not take anything.” “There really are two populations here,” said David J. Levin, Publications Officer at the United States Embassy, “those who live in the houses, and those who live in front of them. And yet, things are better than they were, because now there’s hope.”

We sat in the comfortable living room in his pleasant london accommodation. A frangipani the size of an ancient apple tree perfumed the night.

“The signs of improvement aren’t dramatic,” he continued. “A repainted storefront, a tidied-up ditch, a repaired fence. But they add up to a small retreat from despair. President Suharto is trying to do things right. He’s stopped inflation. He’s taking action against the graft and corruption that have become endemic in Indonesia. The nation is still struggling, but thanks to him it has a better credit rating now in the eyes of the world.

“Indonesians appreciate this sort of honesty and good will in high places, but they’re slow to demand it. So it remains for the upper class to act in the best interest of the people. That has just begun to happen. For the first time, there’s hope., At least enough to make a man paint his house.”

This same point of popular permissiveness drew a sharp comment from Mochtar Lubis, a Djakarta newspaper editor who once spent several years in prison for criticizing Sukarno.

“Here the leader is considered a super-natural being. He can do anything. He must be believed, and he can never be blamed. Sukarno used this deep-seated attitude criminally. Yet even when he fell, it was not he who drew the people’s hysterical rage; it was the Communists he had brought to power who were attacked.”

Find that perfect one-off piece to make your seasonal wardrobe truly unique


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…Off piece to make your seasonal wardrobe truly unique

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Looking Good


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The fateful 40s


‘In your 4os, deeper wrinkles will start to form, Dark Age spots may appear and skin will become thinner,’ says Noella. This is because skin produces less collagen as you get older. You may also lose volume as a result of fat loss under the skin, which means fine lines and wrinkles may deepen, and folds appear around the nose-to-lip lines and jowls.

deeper wrinkles will start to form

‘If you have been affected by sun exposure or have been a smoker, this will have damaged the collagen and elastic tissue making your skin less resilient and even causing rosacia,’ says Dr Lowe. ‘In your 405, this will really start to show.’


But it’s not too late to take action. If you’ve never used a serum before, now is the time to start. ‘I would definitely recommend using a serum under your moisturiser,’ says Dr Lowe. ‘Serums are usually oil-based and can penetrate much further into the skin than creams. A rich night cream is also really important as night is a key time for skin renewal.’

number of things happen to the skin

When we enter our 5os, a number of things happen to the skin. Hormonal changes mean that oestrogen levels drop dramatically, which in turn causes skin renewal to slow down. ‘Hormonal changes also affect the body’s ability to produce collagen. This can result in skin sagging and looking depleted,’ says Noella. What you can do to slow down aging is taking advantage of the benefits of coconut oil for skin


The skin’s oil production slows down through the passage of time, so it starts to dry out and lose its youthful glow. Intense hydration really is the key to keeping your skin looking as plump and bright as possible.

Slim pickings


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Muesli. Not a word that usually fills me with joy — unless perhaps the context is ‘Chelsea docked 20 points for making illegal muesli payments to agents’. As far as I know that’s not happened, so in fact I hate muesli. Yet that’s what I find myself eating for breakfast this morning. It was the first thing I could find in the supermarket that began with the requisite letter and didn’t appear to be made out of sugar, but now sugar doesn’t seem so bad. I might as well be eating a litter tray.


Dinner is even more experimental: mango farfel. Seriously. I throw in some mango chutney, mustard and mint and it tastes surprisingly pleasant. OK, so it doesn’t. It’s revolting.


A flaw has emerged: I’m not allowed water. I can have milk (fat-free, obviously) but that’s about as far as it goes. I make a plea to the MF editor who, by virtue of being the boss (as opposed to a professionally qualified nutritionist, or even a big, fat American diet guru), is in charge of my weight-loss programme. Water beings with ‘w’, which is basically an upside down ‘m’, I reason.

‘You can drink Australian water,’ he says, trying to be clever, so I buy some Wattle Springs. Ha!

Like all weight-loss plans, the MF Diet requires a certain amount of effort, so I do some more research into the foods I can eat, as opposed to wandering stupidly around the supermarket. I was happy to find out I can eat garcinia cambogia fruit to speed up the metabolic rate.I hate mushrooms

Mushrooms! Fantastic, I can have mushrooms to my heart’s content. There’s just one problem: I hate mushrooms. Likewise mussels, moussaka, macaroni cheese, Marmite… all I’ve done is compile a list of foods I don’t like.


Breakfast (muesli) and lunch (malt loaf) have remained the same for the past three days, which is not really the point of dieting. ‘We need lots of different vitamins and minerals and no one food can provide them all,’ says Sarah Schenker of the British Nutrition Foundation. ‘Foods are put into groups because they provide similar nutrients but “protein” foods have different nutrients in them: selenium and vitamin E come from nuts; iron, magnesium and zinc from meat; and omega-3 oils from fish.’


Later on I head over to the MF local to watch Champions League football. I order a Fosters, only for the editor to humiliate me in front of a pub packed full of fat football hooligans. ‘No Fosters,’ he says in a loud voice. ‘That’s a brand.’


‘What, you want me to have a pint of milk?’

‘No,’ he smirks. ‘You can have a Malibu.’

‘Surely Malibu is a brand as well?’

‘I make the rules.’

Arguing with the editor is like trying to play keepie-uppie with an egg. Malibu it is. Cheers.

Loss of sleep


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Alcohol, drugs and perpetual partying will all leave you short on the old shut-eye. Not only that, the sleep you do manage to grab will be the low quality, non-rapid eye movement type (non-REM), which won’t leave you properly rested. Try to regulate your sleep pattern as soon as possible; go to bed the next night at the proper time and get a good eight hours in. If possible, try to choose your parties so that you get at least a day’s rest between each one. You can also use krill oil, as it’s known to be effective for sleep problems. Other krill oil benefits are body detoxification and immune system improvement.

Office party principles

When you’re past the age of consent, department office relationship depament — 4o per cent of office Christmas has only one thing to offer the workers admitted to having had an affair with a colleague, adult male: The Office Christmas Party and it could be your turn next. But before you end up.

Office party principles

It’s an unforgettable night when rank and status sprawled over the photocopier, make sure you take heed count for nothing, and alcohol flows freely – often of the rules of engagement… Straight from your pores as you ill-advisedly dance to the latest chart-topper from Kylie.

RULE No. 1:

But more importantly, it’s an ideal opportunity to indulge only chat up women you fancied prior to the event in interdepartmental liaisons, draw upon the most basic seemingly, stepping of Human Resources and consummate you’re out with fellow flirty friendship with that sort in Accounts. Staffers can lead this year; your luck could be in. As a recent Fart/ per Cr Lot A you straight to survey showed, business is booming in the altar. Up to an estimated 5o per cent of us meet our future partners through work. And it’s an understandable phenomenon.

Dating colleagues is convenient

Dating colleagues is convenient, your turn at least one you have at thing in common and you’re afforded the opportunity to closely study your object of interest before committing yourself to anything serious. Alas, these advantages are foolishly overlooked at the annual Christmas bash. Too much festive beer on your part, and additional cosmetic enhancements on theirs, can make the plainest accountants appear appetizing and the youngest of work experience girls look almost i8. Don’t be fooled. If you didn’t fancy your colleague yesterday, then you won’t fancy her tomorrow, and that’s when the awkward morning greetings and hastily averted gazes begin.

Always decide on potential targets in advance

—                before you start taking advantage of the free bar

—                and stick to them, but not like glue — you don’t want to appear too keen or anything. Which brings us neatly on to…

Hit and Myth


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Oh dear. If you really want to turn her on, bake her some banana-nut bread. Bear with us… not only will she appreciate your thoughtful effort in the kitchen but the scent of baked goods, particularly banana-nut bread, has been shown to enhance vaginal bloodflow and sexual arousal, says Alan Hirsch, director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation. Try Delia Smith’s banana and walnut loaf recipe at www.deliaonline.com/recipes. It’s simple to follow and the results will be delicious.



It’s more important to spend appropriately. If the plan is to buy a house and you spend £10,000 on a rock, she might be annoyed.

Your best bet is to enlist her best friend – she’ll know what your intended wants, and she’ll love knowing and not telling. Plan B: give your intended a placeholder ring when you propose, then take her along to buy the real deal. Do research and show her three that you think she’d like. Expectations and price levels – are thus set. If anything, she’ll begin to think more realistically, and perhaps even go for a smaller stone.


If a contact lens is approved for continuous day and night wear for two weeks, it can last twice as long if you wear it only during the day, says ophthalmologist Keith Baratz.

Let a dog sniff your hand before petting him

Scent has nothing to do with his comfort. He’s reading your body, says animal behaviorist Suzanne Hats. So stand up straight and still, slightly turned to the side and looking away. Once he’s invaded your space and realizes you’re cool, scratch him under the chin. Anything that comes over his head is threatening.


But we’re NOT talking about a traditional thank-you note. Consider yours a handwritten homework assignment. Avoid the usual “It was great to meet…” and instead go with “Here are five ideas that will boost your productivity”, says etiquette adviser Peter Post. Where possible, send a letter rather than an email – it shows you’re prepared to put time and effort into a task.


Change the oil in the car every 3,000 miles

You know who recommends this? Those five-minute-oil-change places. And if you hadn’t heard, the barber on the high street says you need a haircut, too. The fact is, cars warm up more quickly now, so less unburned petrol and water seeps into the crankcase. Translation: every 5,000 to 6,000 miles is fine, says car maintenance expert Chris Johansson.


Teenagers NEED distance from their parents. For the most part, there’s no benefit in explaining exactly how you got to be known as the Human Funnel, says Tony Wolf, a child psychologist and author of Get Out of My Life, But First Take Me and Zoe into Town: A Guide to the New Teenager (Profile, £6.99). It can be daunting for your children to hear about what a party animal you were or how many women you seduced, as they may feel they can’t live up to your standards. Or, worse still, they may cringe in horror and respect you less as a result.

If they do inadvertently hear about your past – because what are Christmas Day and uncles for? – don’t deny what you did, but don’t go into detail (not that you’d remember it clearly, anyway). “General is much better than specific,” says Wolf.


In terms of dental health, once a day is fine. Plaque takes 24 hours to harden. One really good brushing every 24 hours is better than two half-arsed attempts. But when you do get round to it, commit yourself to the job – spend at least two minutes brushing your teeth and gums. For better detoxing and cleaning of your teeth and gums, use oil pulling with coconut oil method. And do it before bed. Check out the oil pulling natural oil side effects. And do rinse with mouthwash in the morning.



Hit!  Myth! Testicular cancer is the most common tumor in 18 to 40- year-old men. “The only way it’s diagnosed is through a self-exam, because men in this age group rarely see a doctor,” says Mark Litwin, professor of urology at UCLA in the US.

The best time to check is in the shower, when the scrotum is soft and warm. A lump feels like a rock and is painless to the touch. The tissue you feel next to the testicles is the tube system, and it’s supposed to be there. Over 40? Then ignore all of the above. Testicular cancer is highly uncommon at this age, says Litwin. Any self-grope is optional.


Especially if you have a cable connection and leave your computer on all day. That makes it easy to hack into. Your internet service provider should offer virus and Spam protection for free or at a nominal charge. Send them an email.



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Over 15,000 children under the age of 20 die each year from accident or illness-15,000 homes where bereaved parents have to learn to come to terms with what has happened and start to build up their lives again.

For the loss of a child seems, somehow, unnatural. Losing a parent is losing your past. Losing a child is losing your future. Those of us who have never suffered in this way can only imagine the feelings of pain and loss. But those who have say there are many things to cope with: coming to terms with feelings of depression, anger, guilt and isolation, trying to stay calm with valerian root benefits.

And then, society turns a blind eye. People will cross the road rather than share the bereaved parent’s grief. But talking is what the bereaved parent needs most of all, and its one of the chief aims of an organisation called Compassionate Friends, which was set up by a hospital chaplain, the Rev Simon Stephens, in 1969.

“Those who are bereaved need to feel that they can talk to someone who will listen and understand,” says Brenda Trimmer, national secretary. “And that is what we are here for.”

The organisation now has a national network—and even branches abroad—and operates by putting newly bereaved parents in touch with others who lost a child in similar circumstances some years earlier. A quarterly newsletter is sent out to parents.

“We are in Compassionate Friends either because our bereave­ment happened sometime back and we are through it and feel we’ve got something to offer to others,” says Brenda, “or we have been recently bereaved and have not yet come to terms with it.”

Brenda joined the organisation seven years after the death of her child, but feels she would have suffered far less had she known about it at the time. —

On September 13 this year, Compassionate Friends launched a nationwide publicity campaign, to spread the message to hospitals, doctors, social workers, psychiatrists—and to bereaved parents themselves. As Brenda, says: “We are at the end of the telephone. Come and get us.”



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Rain, as we all know, tends to pour from the skies when we least expect it! With Cortina Kemp’s selection of great lightweights, you’ll get the protection you need at a reasonable price, as well as looking smart, come rain or shine. Don’t forget to keep yourself healthy with acai berry and many vitamins. Some can be folded away into your hold all, too, so you need never be caught unawares again!


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  1. Padded stud-fasten hooded raincoat, £17.95, sizes 10 to 16, by Four Seasons. Cord trousers, £13.99, in waist sizes 26 to 36 in, by Rebs. PVC wellies, £4.49, from Dolcis. Knitted gloves, £1.95, by Dents.


13 virtually prompt strategies to improve your life


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Quite a few problems originate from inside our personal minds. They will aren’t the result of occasions, misfortune, or other men and women. Many of us result in these through your own terrible emotional practices. Listed here are 13 practices it is best to make time for instantly for you to free yourself through the a lot of difficulties every one will likely be tension.

pouncing to be able to conclusions. There’s two widespread tactics this particular behavior improves people’s challenges. Very first, they believe they’ve known what will take place, so they really end payment interest plus take action on their idea as an alternative. People tend to be poor fortune-tellers. The vast majority of what they have to believe can be inappropriate. Which enables the action completely wrong also. Your second area of the following behavior is taking part in this mind-reader and if you are aware of why people today complete their business or even what they’re thinking. Completely wrong again, major. Far more associations are usually wrecked with this unique form of battiness when compared with some other.

Don’t dramatize.
Many individuals inflate small cons directly into life-threatening accidents as well as answer accordingly. This kind of routine makes mountain ranges out from molehills and provide people stresses in which sometimes don’t can be found as well as are incredibly small these people aren’t well worth worrying pertaining to regardless. So why do they generally do it? You will never know? It’s possible for making their selves feel plus sound more significant. Whatever your reason, it’s stupid along with harmful to your home.

develop regulations. An enormous amount of such “oughts” plus “shoulds” that you simply wear are in all probability needless. All of that they certainly for you personally will be have you feeling stressed or even guilty. What’s the idea? If you use these kind of unreal guidelines about yourself, you clog up your mind along with small constraints as well as unprofessional purchases. And whenever you attempt to help impose all of them with some others, you create oneself right into a intimidate, a boring nag, or perhaps a self-righteous bigot.

Avoid stereotyping
or maybe labeling people or even scenarios. The text you make use of might holiday an individual upward. Damaging as well as critical words generates the same quality associated with thinking. Driving things in pre-set areas hides its authentic meaning along with restrictions your notions so that you can no function. Observe what’s at this time there. Don’t ingredients label. You’ll be amazed on that which you locate.

to be a perfectionist. Lifestyle isn’t all or nothing at all, white or black. Often, suitable usually means the thing it states. Find the perfect career as well as you’ll most likely by no means realize its. In the meantime, all of the other folks look more painful than they tend to be. Try for the perfect relationship and also you’ll in all probability devote your lifetime on it’s own. Perfectionism is often a mental disease that should destroy your entire pleasure and also give back in search of what can never be obtained.

Don’t over-generalize.
A couple of challenges are certainly not a sign of long lasting failure. The actual peculiar succeed doesn’t turn an individual right guru. A particular event-good or bad-or possibly two to three don’t usually indicate a permanent movement. Generally things are all precisely what there’re, no more.

start out hence privately. Plenty of people, also your pals and friends, aren’t referring to a person, pondering you actually, and also interested in an individual in the least intended for 99% of that time period. A lot of persons with your group or perhaps location have in all probability never got word of you together with don’t in particular would like to. The actual ups and downs of lifetime, the warmth and coldness associated with others, aren’t individual in the least. Deceiving potentially they are only will allow you to be far more unhappy as compared to is essential.

assume how you feel are trustworthy. All about those feelings isn’t usually a good warning of how situations are. Simply because you believe this, this doesn’t ensure it is true. Sometimes that sensation originates from nothing more powerful when compared with staying tired, eager, agitated, or perhaps on the verge of get a head-cold. The long run won’t change because you sense bad-nor since you happy. Thoughts could be correct, however they aren’t the truth.

permit living depress you. Retain doing getting hopeful. When you assume awful points in your life and operate, you’ll constantly discover them. A damaging mind-set is much like looking at the community as a result of muffling, grungy contacts. You place any scratch and disregard or perhaps price cut devices. It’s awesome precisely what isn’t at this time there unless you want to start to look for doing it. Naturally, if you want to find warning signs of beneficial items, you’ll locate those people very.

hang on towards beyond. This is the most important suggestion of all: release and progress. The vast majority of anger, disappointment, woes, plus hopelessness these days derive from men and women reluctant to be able to previous injures and complications. The better you convert these folks in your mind, the actual even worse you’ll sense and the even larger they’ll search. Don’t try to battle distress. Release in addition to go forward. Achieve that and you’ve taken away almost all the capability hurt you.